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About Casted Stone

Casted stone is a type of synthetic plaster and is sourced as a byproduct / wasteproduct in the transformation of sugar into lactate, which is a substance used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Lactate is also found naturally in yoghurt for example.

In contrast to regular stone objects, the source material for casted stone is a powder, to which water is added to activate it and then cast it. Casting requires a liquid material to be poured into a mold. It is a production method which produces no waste and uses all of the material, since it doesn’t require any cutting, turning, drilling or even sanding.

Even though the stone is technically a synthetic material it has exactly the same chemical consistency as the natural variant. However, because it is created through a heavily controlled process, the stone achieves a purity grade of 98 – 99.5%.

One of the characteristics resulting from that is its highly even consistency, which gives a smooth, yet matte, finish.

Care Instructions

To clean objects in casted stone, simply use a dry or damp cloth / paper towel. Do not place the object in a dishwasher and do not wash under running water with cleaning products or keep water inside.

Solid collection contains simple objects made from casted stone.

Solid Stand

€ 25,-    € 30,-

Solid Tray

€ 30,-    € 35,-